Doctor homeopath - Eugene Gural

Worked in Moscow, first at the cancer center, then in medical school. Combining clinical practice and research work, successfully defended his thesis and became a doctor of medical Sciences.

Over time, more and more often faced with the inability of conventional medicine to offer patients effective treatments, Dr. Gural began to look for other, alternative ways of influencing the disease.

Not content with one found by the method and is constantly continuing his search, Dr. Gural has studied traditional medicine, herbal medicine, balneotherapy, and then, for many years engaged in the study of homeopathy.

In 1979, the year Dr. Gural moved with his family to Israel and here he continued to combine work in their specialty as a family physician with the ongoing search for a new maximum effective unity of all the found and achieved previously. The result of this search was the "Method of Dr. Gural" – a proven and unique combination of different methods of so-called non-conventional medicine: the basics of good nutrition, cleansing the body, balneotherapy, the use of herbs and homeopathic blends. Widely using his method in practice, Dr. Gural has cured thousands of patients as residents of Israel and foreigners, and continues to help people turning to her for help from different corners of the world.

During the long years of clinical work, Dr. Goral has created a unique mixture of homeopathic remedies and medicinal herbs, called "miracle" thousands of patients using these compounds to treat a variety of diseases. Now, given the ever-growing demand for their products, Dr. Gural has decided to release them on sale on our site, saving you from having to arrive on a visit to her clinic in Jerusalem. A detailed list of these drugs and their description can be found in the section Directory.

Each of the products offered on this site, proven years of experience Dr. Eugenia Gural, who provides a personal guarantee the quality of their products. The medicines have no side effects and do not contain food coloring, preservatives, and chemical additives.